Group Travel

Group travel

The exotic beauty of Costa Rica, its lush jungles, active volcanoes, beautiful beaches and Costa Rican culture combined with the variety of activities and the professional service of our trained staff, wrapped in a safe environment makes of Costa Rica the perfect destination for an unforgettable group trip, from students to senior travellers, from nature lovers to special interest groups our beautiful country has something special for every group.

We customize every single group taking care of the best cost benefit relation according to the needs, dreams and interest of each group.

Our tour guides are experts in nature and adventure, communicating in Spanish, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian and French.

Costa Rica Dream Travel offers a large fleet of latest models of deluxe busses, mini- busses and vans for any kind of travel needs to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.

All of our vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, seat belts and we can provide special seats for children.

You can be sure that our experienced and responsible drivers will take your group to any place in Costa Rica transforming the transportation into a fantastic journey.

For air travel there are two domestic airlines and a number of charter services to accommodate every itinerary.

We also provide boat transportation between destinations as well as fantastic sunset cruises or visit to islands on board a fantastic catamaran.


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